Welcome to Camel Brook Camps!

Our camps are located in Violette Settlement along side Camel Brook just three miles from the town of Fort Kent, Maine. Whether you choose to visit in the summer or winter there are plenty of activities throughout the year and our camps are always available for you to rent. The camps are also located directly on the ITS-85 snowmobile trail and ATV trails. ITS-85 is a main snowmobile trail in Northern Maine and offers access to any point of interest in the area. The trails are well-maintained and marked for comfortable traveling and easy navigation. ATV riders can use parts of ITS-85 during the summer months and there are alternate routes as well that offer the same ease of travel and recreation. Guides are available for ATV and snowmobile tours as well as for hunting.

We offer guided tours for both Snowmobile and ATV riders. From watching native moose forage to viewing our stunning Fall foliage you will experience a wide variety of delights along the trails.

The St. John Valley is located along the St. John River which forms the natural boundary between the United states and Canada. The Valley is covered in a crisp white blanket of snow from December to late March making it a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts. Summer in the Valley is one of perfect temperatures, abundant wildlife and pristine lakes and rivers.

For more information contact us at 1-207-834-2065 or on our mobile phone at 1-207-316-8324.