Snowmobiles and ATVs

Our cabins are well suited to the needs of both Snowmobile and ATV riders. They are located directly on the ITS-85 snowmobile and ATV trail. ITS-85 is a main snowmobile trail in Northern Maine and offers access to all points of interest in the area. The trails are well maintained and marked for easy navigation. ATV riders can use parts of ITS-85 during the summer months along with many miles of marked ATV trails throughout the area. From watching native moose forage to viewing our stunning Fall foliage you will experience a wide variety of delights along the trails.

A heated garage is available for emergency repairs as well as a large parking area for trailers.

Here in Aroostook County you will find a variety of activities to entertain you throughout the winter season: snowmobile drag racing, winter carnivals, Moose Stompers, a winter Mardi Gras celebration, the famous Can Am International dog sled racing, the Log Drivers cookout and the International Snowmobile Festival.

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